Ski Vacation with a Toddler

We recently went skiing for a week at Big White with our toddler in tow and had a fantastic time! We couldn’t have timed it better with the snow, arriving on a day when they had 46 cm fresh, light powder!! This was our 6th year going to Big White for a ski vacation so it’s not new for us but the game does change with a baby or toddler along. We take turns skiing and the ski in/ski out accommodations make this really easy.
toddler at Big White ski resort

So what do you do with a non-skiing, non-daycare-attending little person at a ski resort? Quite a bit, really!

(I admit I was tempted to put her in daycare for the first time ever on the powder days but thought it would be an abrupt start!) Helen loves swimming and our hotel (Inn at Big White) had an outdoor pool. While the outdoor portion was a little chilly for her for more than a minute or two at a time, there is an indoor area about the size of a bathtub that kept her entertained for much longer. Another favourite activity was taking the gondola down to the lower village to watch people skating on the rink and skiing on the bunny hill. There’s also a large stuffed bear in the village, snow to play in and several cellphone charging stations. OK, so those aren’t meant to be toys but they have lots of lights and buttons and photos and were very attractive to a toddler!
Valentine's day gondola at Big White

Helen spoke her first 3-word sentence while we were there: Daddy ski boot. She loved watching people skiing and still talks about ski boots … so maybe next year we’ll all be skiing! For a run or two anyway. 🙂