Car Seat Baby Cover

Baby carrier cover sun cover on car seat
Little Goat Carrier Covers work great for car seats! Just like with a stroller, the cover snaps onto the handle of the car seat, keeping it secure. Our sun cover blocks the direct sunlight while allowing air to circulate to help keep baby from getting too hot. Our 3-season cover is nice and warm with a minky liner and when it’s raining the microfibre shell will keep baby dry during the dash to the car.

Our covers are designed for babywearing carriers like Baby Bjorn or Ergobaby, and work great for walks around town and for adventures like hiking and snowshoeing.

We use them all the time, whenever we are out with our infant. We hope you’ll give it a try!
3-season baby carrier cover on a car seat

Please check out our Winter Baby Carrier Cover and our Sun Baby Carrier Cover.

Please note that our covers are intended for use when transferring to/from a vehicle and when used with a stroller attachment. They are not approved for use while driving. Monitor your baby to ensure he/she is not too hot or cold.