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We have a new colour: pewter/Lime

Introducing our newest colour option in our original 3-Season cover … pewter/lime! Our popular pewter water-resistant outer is now paired with lime green minky. A neutral outer with a little pop of colour inside.

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Little Goat in the news!

Read a little more about our story in the December issue of the Renfrew-Collingwood Community News! click here

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Sun baby carrier covers arrived … and so did our baby!

It was a busy summer! We welcomed a new product tester baby and released a new product, our sun baby carrier cover, both in June! Here we are on our first family outing. Yes, it was July and that’s a rain baby carrier cover (3-season cover with the minkie liner removed) not a sun cover! […]

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Car Seat Baby Cover

Baby carrier cover sun cover on car seat
Little Goat Carrier Covers work great for car seats! Just like with a stroller, the cover snaps onto the handle of the car seat, keeping it secure. Our sun cover blocks the direct sunlight while allowing air to circulate to help keep baby from getting too hot. Our 3-season cover is nice and warm with a minky liner and when it’s raining the microfibre shell will keep baby dry during the dash to the car.

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Baby Carrying on your Back

Now that my daughter is 1.5 years old we still carry her a lot but we use the back carry position. We’re still using our soft carrier (an Ergobaby) even though we also have the external-frame type because we find our daughter stays warmer and is more comfortable nestled right next to us.


Carrying your baby or toddler in the back carry position can seem intimidating at first, especially if you’re on your own with no one to help you, but with a little practice you’ll get the hang of it. Read the manufacturer’s instructions for your carrier, practice over a bed with someone there as a spotter just in case, then give it a go! Read more

Ski Vacation with a Toddler

We recently went skiing for a week at Big White with our toddler in tow and had a fantastic time! We couldn’t have timed it better with the snow, arriving on a day when they had 46 cm fresh, light powder!! This was our 6th year going to Big White for a ski vacation so it’s not new for us but the game does change with a baby or toddler along. We take turns skiing and the ski in/ski out accommodations make this really easy.
toddler at Big White ski resort

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Coquitlam River Trail to Crystal Falls

We would have liked to get into the mountains today but the weather didn’t cooperate so we did another valley walk up a river drainage. It was a very picturesque river and it was nice to see something new.
sleepy on the trail
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First Bike Ride of 2016

Yesterday we had a dry day with a bit of sun peaking through the clouds and we got out for our first bike ride of the year! Helen loves bikes and biking and has been asking to go for a ride for a while. Does she look happy to be on the bike?

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Capilano Pacific Trail

We walked the Capilano Pacific Trail … in November. As a busy mom of a toddler I’m going to allow myself to post to the blog two months later. Looking back in my foggy brain, here’s what I remember of the walk.

We started at Ambleside Park in West Vancouver and walked up along the river. We had lunch at the trailhead this time so our little one fell asleep during her normal nap time – a good start. We didn’t make it all the way to the end of the trail and Cleveland Dam (see map here: Capilano Pacific Trail map) but along the way there was a viewpoint on the edge of a steep cliff overlooking the river in a deep gorge below. These photos don’t do it justice but here they are:Capilano River from the Capilano Pacific Trail
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Vancouver Baby and Family Fair

Last weekend I was an exhibitor at the Vancouver Baby and Family Fair. The show was not well attended but it was a good weekend. I found it motivating to meet other small business owners and discuss ideas. It also makes me happy that more babies in Vancouver will now be warm and cozy because […]

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